Richard Saryan

Founder of Saryan Riding Academy, Richard Saryan



Professional horse rider and trainer with over thirty years of experience.




Richard Saryan’s Biography

Richard Saryan was three years old when he rode a horse for the first time. At seven years old, he began to attend a riding academy in Baku, USSR. When he turned 13 he won his first Grand Prize, and was qualified for master of the sport in show jumping.

In 1975, Richard became a part of a powerful riding academy which produced world qualified Olympic riders. German Guzumov was Richard’s most influential trainer.

In 1985, Richard was seventeen years old when he was qualified for the world cup. After that, Richard traveled to different countries where he was involved in show jumping, three day eventing, and had experience in steeplechase. Soon after, Richard joined the military in Moscow. In the cavalry that he was implicated in, Richard was involved with show jumping, and behaved as a stunt man in movies. In 1989, he became a student at Department of Zoology of the famous Tymiryazev Academy in Moscow.

In 1994, Richard was invited to the United States as a professional rider. He received a scholarship from the Centenary College in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Then, he continued to study practical horse management, and spent four years at the college. At that time, he began to work with Frank Chapot. After that, he worked in a variety of places with different people as an independent horse trainer.

Today, Richard has over thirty years of experience. He teaches all types of disciplines, and trains horses and riders of all levels. In New Jersey, Richard trains young horses, stallions, old horses, ex race horses, and a variety of all kinds of riders.